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DG85-Outdoor PIR with Pet Immunity

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DG85-Outdoor PIR with Pet Immunity Motion Detector (PIR) Alarm Sensors Alarm System

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DG85 is a outdoor passive infrared motion detector that the infrared heat energy that is emitted by humans. Pet immunity function allow it to identify pet up to 40KG and will not falsely trigger alarm.


The DG85 is designed for optimal performance at a height of 2.1 meter (7ft.), but can be installed lower or higher. After you have installed the detector, ensure that the adjustable height marking on the upper right of the PCB’s cover inside the unit match the installation height.

For example, if the detector is installed at a height of 2.1 meter (7ft.), the PCB should then be adjusted to 2.1 meter (7ft.) also. Align the desired marking (height) with the the back cover’s plastic tab.

If another installation height is called for, readjust the PCB accordingly. Any PCB adjustments should be followed by a walk-testing of the protected area. Walk-testing verifies that the required coverage is in place.

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